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2012 Youth Winners Circle

Mason's ES184 "Insanity" Steel Sr Doe
Owner/Breeder Emily Mason
Sandusky Valley Rabbit Breeders 8-27-12 BIS
Tiffin, OH 
Breed judge: Ron Petras
BIS judge: Bob Swartz
best 4
Alexus' Katniss - Black Jr Doe
Owner & Breeder: Alexus Grecoe
Best 4 Class Show A & B
WCRC Greensburg, PA. 9-8-12
Show A Breed & Best 4 Class judge: Tim Branham
Show B breed judge: Joe Colucci
Show B Best 4 Class judge: Howard Keller
Emily Mason
Mason's EG175 "Spunky" Gray Sr Buck
Owner/Breeder Emily Mason
GLRC's 8-27-12 RIS
Charlotte, MI 
Breed judge: Maddie Pratt
BIS judge: Ron Riddle
#KM3 - Steel Jr Doe
Owned by Gavin Hendricks
Bred by Fred and Kathy Mullinax
RIS Rabbit at Charleston
BIS judge - Jamie Green
Zachs #KW7 - Black Sr Doe
Owned by Zach Reeps
Bred by Fred and Kathy Mullinax
Best in Show - Charleston Show A
August 4, 2012 - Charleston, SC
Breed & BIS judge: Danny Long
Rose's Black n' Whites - #11N38
Black Sr. Buck
BIS @ Union Co. Fair - Afton, Ia 7-21-12
Owned by Rose Daniels & bred by Wes Nelson, Treynor, IA
4-class & BIS judge: Brent Rice
Mason ris
Mason's EG153 "Macie" Gray Sr Doe
Owner/Breeder Emily Mason
Summit Rabbit Club 6-16-12 RIS
Randolph, OH
Breed judge: Harold Keller
BIS judge: Nita Butler

Rabbit: Smith's 8S ( Tort Sr Doe)
Raised & Owned by Austin T Smith
June 16, 2012 - Portage County Rabbit Club
Breed & BIS Judge: Eric Stewart

best 4 bis

Blue Senior Buck - Ear #KB568 "Denozo
Owned by: Alexus Grecoe, Washington, PA

Breeder: Kevin Hooper
Lisbon, OH - 4/7/12
Breed Judge: Joe Colucci
Four Class Judge: Bob Shaftoe
Best In Show Judge: Kevin Bogan


Tort Sr Doe - Ear #8S
Owner & Breeder: Austin Smith
Southwestern Ohio RBA
3/4/2012 - Xenia, OH
BOB Judge: Tim Braham
Best 4 Class Judge: Kevin Bogan
Best in Show Judge: Glenn Carr

Senior Blue Buck - Ear #LP1
Owner: Cayley Creekmore
Breeder: Mickey Anderson
First Reserve in Show - GRCA Youth 2
 Feb. 18th 2012 - Perry GA
judge: Jamie Green

Royal Color's RCD1 {Danny Boy}
Owner: Bryan Kerdeman
Breeder: Todd Biddle
Best of Breed under Paul Jurgelonis
Reserve Best in Show under Paul Jurgelonis 
Cumberland County Rabbit and Cavy Show
New Glouchester, ME

William Rein, II 
Ottawa, KS
Rein's Challenger Ear #CHA
Sr Black Buck
Best In Show
Smokey Hill RBA, Abilene, KS; 2-11-12
Judge: David Kroenke 

Blue Sr Doe - #S1215 (aka: "Angel")
Best in Show - Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo
January 29, 2012 - Fort Worth, Tx
Owned by: Monty Lake (L & W Rabbitry)
Bryson, Tx.
Bred by: : Theresa Schwandt & family
Breed Judge: Joey Shults
Best in Show Judges: Joey Shults, Caleb Thomas, & Gary Michaud

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