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2008 ADRC Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to our 2008 ADRC Scholarship Winners:
Katie Bickelhaupt and Cody Lape

Katie Bickelhaupt Cody Lape

Letter from Katie Bickelhaupt:

My name is Katie Bickelhaupt and I was one of the fortunate recipients of the 2008 American Dutch Rabbit Club scholarship. I live in Medina, Ohio and am currently completing my sophomore year at the University of Findlay in Findlay, Ohio. I am double majoring in Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Biology with plans to graduate with honors. It is my goal to be accepted into a vet school and pursue a career as a veterinarian, specializing in companion and exotic animals.
            Animals have always been in my life, and raising Dutch rabbits has been my favorite hobby. The first rabbit I ever owned was a Mini Rex named Velvet. I was nine years old and he was my first 4-H project. Unfortunately, Velvet was not the best Mini Rex show specimen so my mom and I decided to start attending county shows to see what showing was all about.
            Through these shows I’ve met and become friends with many fantastic rabbit breeders. The Dutch have remained my passion since I purchased my first pair from the Bogans in 1997. My herd only consists of about 25 Dutch, but it is surely enough to enjoy within city limits!
            Up until I turned 19 I was an active 4-H member and participant in youth royalty and showmanship competitions. I believe that these activities have exposed me to a variety of life experiences. Preparing yourself to present your knowledge in front of a rabbit showmanship or royalty judge is actually quite similar to sitting in front of a group of people for scholarships and job interviews. Filling out royalty applications may be tedious but it helped me sharpen my writing skills! The more I learn about Dutch, the more I appreciate them. (Too bad I can’t apply the same concept to chemistry!) My biggest recommendations to youth breeders is to ask questions and listen to what judges and experienced breeders have to say. Participate in as many 4-H and royalty opportunities as possible and have fun!
            Of course there is no way I would have been able to take care of all of those rabbits, drive to all those shows, and iron my white lab coat all by myself! My mom has been my greatest support through my eleven years worth of rabbit raising. If you ask her she’ll probably say something like “I don’t know anything about these Dutch, I just drive and do my best to keep them healthy!” In reality, I couldn’t do it without her.
            Half the reason we go to the shows is to have fun and chat with other breeders. The Ohio breeders in particular are a wonderful group of people and I have enjoyed many shows with them. Without a helping hand from several breeders I probably would have lost interest in rabbits altogether and headed down a completely different road with my life (I’m serious!). Kevin Hooper has been the backbone in my herd and continues to be one of the first people I seek when I have a question about Dutch. Some of my first Dutch came from Dan Nixon, the Hessicks and Jay Imes so to them I owe a “thank you”. For those of you who have sold me a Dutch and for those of you who have bought my Dutch- Thanks! Without selling something you can’t buy anything, a sad truth but thanks to everyone that has kept my cycle flowing.
            In closing, I’d like to thank the American Dutch Rabbit Club and the Scholarship committee for selecting me as a recipient for this year’s Dutch Scholarship. It is truly an honor and I am excited to have received it. I look forward to seeing everyone at the shows- You can’t beat the Dutch!

Letter from Cody Lape:

Dear ADRC Scholarship Committee and members,

Thank you so much for allowing me to be one of the recipients of the ADRC scholarship award. I only wish I could have been at the National Show this year to of received it but to obligations to school and work I was unfortunately not able to. For those who do not know me my name is Cody Lape and this upcoming fall I will be a sophomore at James A. Rhodes State College in Lima, Ohio. There I am majoring in Global Information Systems Technology were I am planning to graduate in 2009 with an Associate’s Degree. With this career I have already figured out that it is going to be challenging. For which this career deals a lot with data collections and also being able to make maps out of the data collected.  After achieving my Associate’s Degree I am planning on keep going on with my education and pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at Bowling Green University and also a possible State Job as the GIS Engineer. Again I am truly honored to have achieved this award. With this award it will tremendously help me out in achieving my goals and education.

I would also like to again to give a thank you to the ADRC scholarship selection committee for selecting me as one of the recipients of the ADRC scholarship award. There are also many other people that I would like to give a thank you to but since the list is so long I would just like to thank all the Dutch Breeders, judges, and just all breeders in which I have had a chance to show with. For these people are the ones that has given me that fun and educational experience and also their knowledge of raising rabbits. Last but not least, I would like to give a big thank you to my parents and brother, Phil, Sara, and Danny, for they have supported me throughout the years and without their support I would never be where I am today, they have also been there to take care of the rabbits, which we have raised together, while I am not around but at college or work.  

Again thank you for all the support and also this wonderful award.

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