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Attached are the results on the LILAC variety becoming a recognized Dutch variety. 

We received 202 returned outside envelopes.
Of those 202 we had 3 showing a postmark after 12/6/2016 - NOT COUNTED
Of those 202 we had 2 that included external correspondence which will be forwarded to Janet. Also NOT COUNTED
Of those 202 we had 4 that were eliminated for stray identifying marks. These were smiley faces and personal initials in the top corner. Also NOT COUNTED.


YES       187
NO           96

The original signed letter from the ADRC Election Committee will be mailed to Janet Bowers tomorrow along with the 2 pieces of mail asking for her attention.The original envelopes and counted ballots will be boxed and delivered to Janet at the NDS unless otherwise requested at which time it will be mailed

Thanks you for giving myself, Pam Peters and Vern Dill this opportunity to perform this duty for the American Dutch Rabbit Club.


Marti Dill, ADRC Election Chairman


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