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Memberships expiring the Month of July & August

Expired Memberships for July 2017

David AuBuchon   Nick Dyer   Pamela Peters
Rebekah Bogan   Sarah Edwards   Eleanor Selby
Camden Bunch   Stacey Groncki   Elizabeth Selby
Garrett Bunch   Arianna Gross   Katherine Selby
Michelle Bunch   Mike Huston   Kiana Selby
Jim Daluge   Pat Huston   Will Selby
Kim Dyer   David Lasley   Landon Warner
Maddie  Dyer   Noah Lasley   Leah Warner
            Shanon Zigmont

Expired Memberships for August 2017

Ashley Corning   Phillip Hibbert   Wade Malone
Scott Corning   Stacey Hibbert   Katie Moller
Nick DiLiscia   Zach Hibbert   Mike O'Connell
Tammy DiLiscia   Mary Ellen Hopson   John  Plokhooy
Christina Frank   Ronnie Hopson   Lisa  Schmedeke
Brianna Haas   Josh Humphries   Roy Schmedeke
Erica Haas   Gail Kaiser   Jenny Shafer
Alex Hibbert   David B Lowe   Danielle Stoltzfus
Ben Hibbert   Brandon Malone   Olivia Wismer
Hunter Hibbert   Joanne Malone      

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