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Memberships expiring the Month of February

Alyssa Becker   John Graybeal   Martin Meyers
Alix Bice   Nathan Graybeal   Christopher Miller
Janet Bowers   John Grimm   Samantha Miller
Andrew Croopnick   Beth  Harris   Shane Miller
Emma Croopnick   George Hebel   Shannon Miller
Laura Croopnick   Lisa Hebel   John Milroy
Michael Croopnick   Samantha Henderson   Megan Moyers-Soles
Shariah Dixon   Aaron Hoover   Diane Nelson
Todd Dreher   Daniel Johnson   Andrea Perez
Jody  Earle   Maggie Kincade    Sarah Petersen
Marty Earle   Aaron L Martin   Robert Petersen
Tiallie Fowler   Chris Matthys   Jim Pitzka
Robert Frizzell   Megan Matthys   Barbara Savoy
Shawn Gnipper   Paul Matthys   Gary Savoy Sr.
Kathie Grann   Amy Meyers   Gage Thompson
Mike Grann   Anna Meyers   Maleta Walls
Gary Gray   Clara Meyers      
Christine Graybeal   Ella Meyers      

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