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Wilbur Williamson

Inducted Hall of Fame 2004

Wilbur Williamson Wilbur & Scott Williamson
Wilbur with a chocolate junior doe that won BOB at the Indiana Dutch Rabbit Club Show held on 9/11/2005. Wilbur with his son, Dr Scott Williamson.

What a show you Ohioan's put on in Greenville for the Dutch breeders. It was very well organized and not many "hitches" as it appeared to me. I helped just on the first national Satin show many years ago and know how much work and worry there is to putting on this type of show. Congratulations to all the planners and helpers.
I really looked forward to this show for a number of resons; 1-It was very close to my home, 212 miles on SR28. 2-I wanted to visit with my old friends from Ohio, especially the one that owes me a dime he snookered out of me in Syracuse, N.Y. in 1970 (initials J.W.) 3-I thought I had some pretty nice chocolates to show as indicated in earlier open shows. 4-It is a great place to meet new friends with Dutch rabbit enthusiasm. 5-My age, 82, dictate that I best take advantage of this show.
All of this was being appreciated as the show was moving forward. As well as a few rushes of adrenaline in the Chocolate junior buck and junior doe classes. Not winning any firsts, my thoughts turned to the auction and the banquet and it's convenient location. I had the pleasure of sitting next to and visiting with a new firend and rabbit enthusiast, Mr. Imes. I was enjoying the evening and very pleased that I had sold six of the seven rabbits that I had entered in the show. After a delicious meal the awards were given to the youth and open. To my surpirse I received the best display chocolate trophy. Thinking this is great and thankful that I won a trophy at the 75th anniversary of the NDS - then the biggest surprise in my life, my name was entered in the ADRC Hall of Fame and with a standing ovation. I wanted to cry. I wish my grandson Beau could have been there with his Dad, Scott. I still can't believe it. Thanks to all who was responsible in making my trip to Greenville, Ohio so memorable. Thanks for making an old man very happy and proud. It really meant a lot to me. Love those Chocolate Dutch.

Wilber Williamson
LaPorte, IN.

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