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Lowell Simonson & Dale Zentner

These two gentlemen, best of friends and both long time Dutch fanciers, are listed together because they would have liked it just that way.

Lowell Simonson was very active in the Iowa Dutch Club as well as a Director of the ADRC. Lowell had a BOS Dutch at the ARBA Convention in 1983 with one of his Chocolates. He loved his Blacks and Chocolates the best and probably gave away more good Dutch to friends than he ever sold.

Lowell and his good friend, Dale Zentner, traveled together for many years, both loved to talk sports and Dutch rabbits. Everything else was second.

Dal Zentner raised his beloved Blue and Tortoise Dutch. Dale had a BOB at the 1985 ARBA Convention as well as several other nice color wins. These tow fellows are missed.


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