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George Bayliss

Mr. Bayliss was involved in breeding, showing, and judging and helping form and serving as an officer of the Dutch Clubs that were formed in the early 1900's. These were the International Dutch Club and the National Federation of Dutch Breeders. These clubs then disbanded in the lates 1920's and early 1930's. The American Dutch Rabbit Club as we know it today was organized in 1930 and reorganized in 1937. Through all this, George Bayliss was always in the background or directly or indirectly involved. He servied as a President and Vice-President of our club as we know it today.

Mr. Bayliss was born in Birmingham, England and showed and bred Dutch in his native country prior to coming to America as a young man. After settling in Hayward, California, he formed the Himalayan Fur Farms, which was a large rabbitry that he operated, breeding several breeds of fancy rabbits for many years into the 1970's. Mr. Bayliss had, because of his English backgound, probably as much or more influence than most anyone in successfully getting Dutch rabbits not only from England to America, but in getting them from the east coast docks through the shipyards and via railroad to the west coast. A friend, fellow Dutch breeder and also a Californian named Mr. O.F. Goettel from Petaluma, California, who was very much interesed in Black Dutch, and a Dutch judge at the time, worked closely with Mr. Bayliss in getting imported Dutch into California. This was all in the 1920's and 1930's and really helped make Dutch on the west coast take off, I was told.
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