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E.C. Bickley

Bick, as he liked to be called, was the brains and brawn that made the name Bickley's Bunnyland, home of distinctive Dutch, synonymous with Dutch fanciers coast to coast. During the period of the late 1940's through the early 1960's, his Black and Blue Dutch and all the other colors also, to a lesser degree, were very dominant at National Dutch Shows and ARBA Conventions throughout the country.

Bick told me once that on many a weekend early on Saturday mornings, he would load their family car with Dutch rabbits and send his wife, Mildred, and son in one direction in Ohio to a show, then fill his pick-up with Dutch and head in another direction to another show also in Ohio the same day. This was in an era prior to double shows as we now have. He also mentioned doing this twice on weekends, Saturdays, and Sundays. He said with a smile, "We used to have some busy weekends." Bick served as a Director and Standard Committee member many years for the ADRC. He was also instrumental in forming the Ohio Dutch Rabbit Club and served as President of the club several years.

Bick's winnings with Dutch were numerous and most impressive over the years. He had three BOB and BOS wins at the NDS and a couple of ARBAS wins also.
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