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Charlie Lewis

Mr Charlie Lewis was born in 1888 in Brooklyn, New York, and has since passed away.

Charlie bred Dutch in his early years and then again, with zeal and with much enthusiasm, after World War I. He had much success showing Black, Blue, and Chocolate Dutch from the early 1930's into the 1960's. His National wins were many and continuous from the east coast to the west coast. Charlie is the fellow who first imported Chocolate Dutch into the United States from England. These Chocolate Dutch were developed ino the early 1930's and were imported in the fall of 1935. A Mr E. Mitchell of Northampton, England sent either three or four in the first group. In this group was the little Chocolate buck named Chocolate Pioneer, which was judged the Best AOC (Any Off Color) at the 1936 National Dutch Show in Detroit, Michigan.

This same Chocolate buck was judged Best Chocolate in the Untied Kingdom Dutch Club Show in England, prior to being shipped to the States. More importations of Black and Chocolate Dutch does followed and from these offspring many Chocolates were sold around the country. This all transpired pretty much prior to World War II. Charlie was a Vice-President of the ADRC two different times and a Director for over a dozen years.

Many articles were written by this dedicated fancier for our Dutch Reporters and Gudebooks.

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