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Al Meier

Al Meier was a true Dutch fancier who would do anything to help a fellow Dutch breeder improve his stock by loaning a buck, carrying a Dutch cross country for a fellow Dutch friend, etc., you name it. Between his small stock of Black and Blue Dutch, his New Zealand Reds, and his English Spots, he was always giving a fellow friend a helping hand, or a gift rabbit or two.

He, with all his writing and traveling to shows, spent his life the way he really seemed to enjoy it. He was rewarded with many ARBA and ADRC wins and passed on much knowledge with all his writings over many years. Al had friends in the rabbit hobby literally all over the world. As Chairman of the ARBA Standard Committe for seventeen years, while not being a judge, or ever choosing to be one, he could pass on his personal observations and opinions on many rabbit topics as he chose. He was a fellow who was a real pleasure to know.

In closing I need to mention he was a ADRC Vice-President and Director and his wins were impressive with his Dutch over the years both at ARBA shows and NDS shows.
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