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Guidelines for hosting the Dutch at the ARBA Convention

Guidelines for ARBA Convention
Dutch Show

The purpose of these guidelines is to assist local clubs, members and personnel involved with the ARBA convention in identifying tasks to be done to help the Dutch portion of the show to run smoothly.

  1. Banquet Facility:  This is a good to secure at least nine months in advance of the convention due to the high demand of the banquet spots by other breed clubs.  Plan to have room for approximately 100 people with the option of having more added if we have a good response.  The banquet people will give you a date they need a head count by.  Dutch people enjoy a good tasty meal at a decent price over fancy facilities!
  2. Banquet date/time:  Over the course of several years, we have evolved in to having  more of a breakfast or brunch, and the day following the completion of the judging works well.  Dinners could certainly be planned.
  3. Banquet reservation time:  We have had reservation request forms sent out with August 1st mailing for voting.  This can be coordinated with the ADRC Secretary for deadlines/timelines according to when the ARBA convention is held. 
  4. Awards:  They can either be taken care of by someone interested in helping with them or by the ADRC club itself.  Either way, inform the ADRC Secretary as to which way this will be done six months prior to convention.
  5.  Donations/Award Sponsors:  Each fall at ARBA Convention, a “pass the hat” is done to help out with the following convention award expenses.  A form asking for  award donations can be sent out at the same time the banquet reservation form is sent out with deadlines.  Again, it can be coordinated with the ADRC Secretary.
  6. Table helpers:   Anyone that can help with writing and recording remarks, run rabbits, and work with the judges are encouraged to sign up for help.  Social  networking greatly helps get the word out.
  7. Aisle markers:  plan to hang an 8 1/2 x 11 poster board with the cage numbers and varieties on the end of each row.  It helps tremendously during judging to get rabbits to and from the show tables.
  8.  Carriers for showing:   The club carriers will be available at any conventions that they can be transported to.  If the convention should be held in an area of the country that is not conducive to transporting carriers, then the other carriers will need to be available during the judging days to get the classes to the tables.  Have a bottle of disinfectant (safe for animals) for any personal carriers used during the show.  Check with the ADRC Secretary to see where the carriers are currently being stored so we can coordinate transportation to the next convention if at all possible.
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